The Session is the governing body of the First Presbyterian Church of Itasca, with the Pastor serving as Moderator. The Session meets on the 3rd Thursday of every month, except July. Any member is welcome to join us at these meetings and provide input toward our decision making.

There are many opportunities to serve on the following Session Councils that support the needs of our church:

Building and Grounds - From gardeners, electricians, painters, cleaners, carpenters, to light bulb changers, there is always a need for someone to help beautify and keep our building and grounds functioning

Christian Education - Develop and lead a creative, effective Christian education program for children, youth and adults allowing for on‑going spiritual growth. Oversee the work of Youth and Adult education sub‑committees. Teach children, run an adult study group, direct a play, help in the nursery, bring new ideas, these are just a few ways in which you can serve.

Church Life - Plan social activities to promote congregational relationship and Christian fellowship. Nurture and meet the needs of the congregation for all ages.

Finance / Stewardship - If you like numbers, this is the council for you. Help maintain the financial health of the church. Manage the revenue and expenses. Account for all contributions and report results to congregation. Propose a recommended annual budget for Session approval. Keep up‑to‑date status reports on finances. Plan, organize, promote and evaluate the annual Stewardship campaign.

Mission - Provide direction and purpose to the congregation for mission giving, projects and education in our community, our nation and our world.

Personnel and Administration - Provide adequate communication between the paid employees, the Pastor and the elected officers of the church and the congregation. Manage all legal concerns, insurance policies and claims as well as the overall administration of the church office. Conduct annual performance reviews for all staff; recommend salary changes to Session.

Worship Council - Assist the Pastor with weekly worship and liturgy by securing liturgists and communion servers for the sacraments. Work with Music Director to provide vocal, instrumental or bell programs.